Static is out – Content is in

Static is out. It is no longer effective to have a web page that is not updated with fresh content on a regular basis.

In an age of Web 2.0, Social Networks and the eternal quest new and relevant information, any website that wants to attract visitors, must have a way for those visitors to interact, and must be able to offer them something new and interesting every time they visit.

Sites that are primarily social networks seem to understand this the most. Facebook, has evolved from an online version of This is Your Life to an online game portal to what will now be a portal for entertainment.

LinkedIn, the social site that is meant to be more about work and less about wasting time at work, is now including a news feed that’s based on the tweets and other input from it’s members. The theory is that based on the purpose of the site, that the news aggregated here will be more relevant for it’s users, and one presumes encourage more visits to the site.

It’s a good strategy that can be duplicated on a smaller scale for projects, small business and organizations. Having a site with an active blog and updates from other social media such as Twitter can help engage your audience and keep them coming back to your site to look for new and interesting information. You can also use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to let others know about those updates.


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