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Twitter – a new mode for Democracy

According to a report on Mashable, social media, specifically Twitter, may have made a difference in the recent Debt Ceiling debate. In a country where as many as 59% of registered voters do not turn out to vote , they are it seems interested in having their voices heard. Perhaps it’s not the ease of social media, but the fact that it is the ultimate public forum that encouraged so many to respond the the President’s plea for public opinion on the debate.

Although American politics and punditry is more public than it has ever been, via CSPAN, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, it seems that the best way to engage people in politics is through social media, where their voice is heard not only by Congressional and Senate staffers, but by the entire world.


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How easy does paying have to be?

Netswipe allows you to use your webcam as a credit card scanner

It wasn’t long after this new thing called the internet caught on before we started typing in our credit and debit card numbers in exchange for goods and services. Then we got services like PayPal that for many is now a proxy online bank. A way to receive money that we never actually see.

Now it seems internet tender is evolving again with the use of your webcam. Our friends at Mashable report about a new technology called Netswipe that can enable credit card users to scan their cards as opposed to typing the numbers in. Not a bad idea to encourage impulsive buying, but most of the people I know have cut down on the practice.  Anyway, now ya know.


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