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Social Media Addiction and Fluency

A report came out today from a company called Webroot that peddles anti-spyware, indicating that “about 54% of computer users feel addicted to their social network of choice.”  According to the report almost half, (46%) check their social media vice several times a day.

It seems that the Millennial generation is more addicted than those who learned how to type on actual typewriters, but the latter group is more susceptible fraud from security lapses. Over half do not have security measures in place on their mobile devices.

According to this study 75% of  Millennials are likely to be addicted to Social media, but according to another report a quarter of them are becoming bored with Social Media.

Maybe it was too easy to master.

The Internet and Social Media in particular require a kind of fluency, that like a language is acquired more through use than through study.  Social Media has it’s own language, culture, norms, and sensibilities. Those that practice the skill and incorporate it into their daily routines, are naturally going to be more adept at how to negotiate this ever changing path.




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Controlling Social Media

Missouri’s governor signed a law that bans teachers and students from being Facebook friends or interacting on a personal, such as messaging on social media sites.

One of the great things about the Internet is that it evolves and changes very fast. So fast that on a sociological level it can be difficult to identify and understand norms, let alone create laws that govern them.  Even federal agencies are still lagging on creating such policies.

But, Social Media it seems has caught the attention of lawmakers. Maybe it is because of the rapidity of it’s growth, which even by internet standards is fast. Maybe it’s because of its perceived impact. We’ve seen Twitter fuel revolutions and most recently help break through indignant debate on the Debt Ceiling crisis. Or maybe it’s because law and policy makers are finally understanding that if you hesitate on matters online for just a moment, they tend to explode in rapid growth that can seem impossible to hem.

Since Social Media is about connecting with others and sharing, we really ought to consider exactly what it is that needs to be controlled, and if it should be controlled at all.



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