The Infographic Resume

Sometimes it pays to check Twitter on the weekends. That’s where I found this great little gem of an article from Mashable that introduced me to Infographic Resumés.

One of the great things about the web is that it is a multimedia platform. It’s the one place where everything comes together:  text, design, images, music, video, you name it. Infographics are used all over the web to help visualize information. What was once confined to a PowerPoint slide show Hell, has now evolved into a mainstay for blogs to illustrate points or relativity.

Now, as mentioned in the article above, there are a number of tools available to create an Infographic Resumé.  I incorporated the one available through the Beta version of  This tool works directly with your LinkedIn profile pulling information from the job history, skills, and interests listed there.

This is great for a number of reasons.  First, by working with information you have already put online for all the world to see, saves you the problem of cut, paste and reformatting. You can still edit once the information is imported into the tool. Second, your professional information will be uniform in multiple places which helps your reinforce your digital brand. And third, the information is sorted and placed into a dynamic visual that is easy to read. Finally, being the good social media playmate that it is, has tools to share your new graphic on your social media outlets, or to create an icon link to your Infographic Resumé like that which is now in the sidebar to your right.

A personal digital brand is comprised of everything you are online including social media. If you are looking to create a professional brand for yourself IMHO, LinkedIn is the best tool for the job. Having an Infographic Resumé is a good way to reinforce your brand and show that you really mean business.






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