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Android takes over smart phone market

For those who use Android phones it probably comes as no surprise that the Android operating system now represents more than half of all smart phones sold. Charles Arthur of the Guardian reports that Android, “powered 52.5% of handsets shipped – compared to 25.3% a year before – just three years after its launch more than double from that of last year.”

What is really interesting about this is how the popularity of Android will effect the Tablet market. A number of Android tablets have become available in 2011, many of which have a price that falls well below the $499 price tag of Apple’s iPad2. Even the Galaxy Tab 8.9, which is touted as one of the best alternatives to an iPad has a sticker price that runs $20-$30 less than the iPad.

Bad economy or not, in the information age, staying connected is now seen as a necessity. It’s part of what I think is a growing trend of gadgets being used more as tools as less as toys


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What Journalism can learn from Social Media

Re-imagine Journalism. It sounds simple enough, but for some reason, ironically, Journalism continues to struggle to find it’s place in the information age.  Keeping journalism significant and alive in a digital form has proven to be a challenging paradox.

And it is a paradox. Journalism is about providing information started out being about sharing information, and  now has evolved to be about connecting with other people through that which is shared.  It seems simple enough, but for some reason it’s as though these two endeavors are on parallel planes that often reflect each other but never truly intersect.

The Knight Foundation may be taking a new approach to the problem. As reported by Sara Frier of Bloomberg, Business Week,

The Knight Foundation, a sponsor of journalism-innovation projects, named Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes and digital experts from Harvard and MIT to its board, where they’ll take a venture-capital-like approach to media.

Facebook makes most of it’s money on smart ads and Apps. Somehow Facebook managed to capitalize on an apparent world wide desire for show and tell. It’s a place to hang out, socialize and share a multitude of warm fuzzies, real and virtual.  The question is, what hidden gem will media have to center around that makes news and information the thing we want to share most? This will hopefully be what Hughes, et. al will figure out.

Some may say, it’s about time for The Knight Foundation to make this move, but others may see that perhaps it is a matter of timing. With multiple Twitter news phenomena and an increase in digital circulation of newspapers via Apps and e-readers, it may be that a perfect storm is brewing for Journalism to evolve into what it will be for the next 100 years.


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Add Google+ to Steps for Online Branding

Up to this point, the steps to building an online brand included a website/blog, maybe a Twitter account and definitely a Facebook Page. But now it seems, that process may include one more step:  Google+ Business Profiles.

As reported by Social Media Delivered, Google’s burgeoning social media network will introduce Google+ Business Profiles, possibly before the year is out. And the best feature that Google+ could offer is the inclusion in Google’s Live Search, that finds subject updates in real time.

The question of course will be that of dominance. Will Google’s search dominance and other tools trump Facebook’s dominance as the Social Media network of choice? Perhaps. Google+ plans on including additional tools that will make Google+ Business Profiles more of a place to do business, such as Google Meeting, and Google Whiteboard that can be used for brainstorming.

But doing business is not the same a getting business, which more often than not requires that warm fuzzy feeling that Facebook is so good at providing. It could be that Google+ Business Profiles will be more of a threat to LinkedIn than to Facebook.


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