Information Age Archetypes

Comments now have their own ArchetypesEverything is faster in the information age: news, gossip, trends, revolutions. They spread with lightning speed and so does the culture that this information propagates.

In a short amount of time we have developed archetypes for how we participate on line. Linda Holmes of the NPR Monkey See blog breaks it down for us.

What’s most interesting about our participation in online discussions is the passive aggressive nature of it all. Through the veil of the computer screen, we feel free to rail, insinuate and insult. Some may say that the information age has increased dialogue, but I can’t help but notice that in many ways the quality of our dialogue has decreased.

If what we are saying is similar enough to consider them to be archetypes, one might hope that we could find some common chords. Nevertheless, at least there are words.


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