Just as I suspected: Android ≥ to the iPhone (sometimes)

Although my working space is an aging MacBook Pro, I’ve never felt the need to buy an iPhone. Instead, I was an early Android adopter.  It’s what was available on my phone plan, and affordable on my budget.  Aside from the loss of my iTune play lists, I quickly found that my first generation G(oogle)-phone more than met my mobile needs.

Yesterday, it was reported that Steve Wozniak, who has said that he’s less of a showman than the ubiquitous Steve Jobs, admitted that he wished his iPhone “did all the things my Android does…”

I’m not surprised. Late last year Android more than doubled their presence in the mobile market and even overtook iDevices. They must be doing something right.

In an age where branding is akin to myth making, in both commercial and political climates, Wozniak’s remarks bring a welcome infusion of frank analysis of the mobile market.  We can at least now agree that both platforms offer a plethora of features, and both leave some to be desired.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled hype…




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