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Getting your head in the Google Cloud

Innovation is a funny thing. Lately here, it’s been moving so fast, that making technology purchases has become a bit of a gamble. How do we know our purchases wont be obsolete within a week? Remember the Flip Video? It was quickly replaced with smart phones that also capture HD video. What else may go the way of the Flip Video? If Google Cloud rolls out as reported, it could be external hard drives.

Mashable recently reported that the Google Cloud release could be imminent, and with it comes 5GB of storage space. For some that may not seem like a lot. Granted, I clean and store about that much from my computer annually.  Usually that data is a mix of PDFs of payment confirmations and other documents, older pics I don’t immediately need and video files from projects I know I wont revisit. But for many 5GB is a good amount of free storage space.

One could argue that giving away free storage space that a consumer would normally pay $50 – $100 for might hurt the economy. But the flip side to that is perhaps narrowing the digital divide by offering free storage to everyone, including those who can’t shell out money for an external.

Implied altruism aside, it doesn’t change the fact that with 5GB of data each, from millions of users, we must continue to hope that Google won’t be evil.


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Limitations of Social Media Communities

For many of us, Facebook is the end all be all way of communicating. It’s how we get to know each other, share our likes, our jokes, our lives. In fact it’s almost a given now. Want to do something with a joint effort? Start a Facebook Group!

But it’s good to remember that Facebook and it’s Social Media brethren have limitations. A recent blog from Burning Man reminds us that although the use of Facebook is broad it isn’t 100% universal and online interaction is not a replacement for genuine contact. Burning Blog contributor  reminds us that,

As our communities get bigger we need to retain the personal touch.  Phone trees, letters, and community get-togethers  … lots and lots of community activities … are a better gauge of our comity’s health than Facebook likes or blog comments or even email lists.

Using Social Media is a great way to bring people together, but it’s important to remember that there’s more to community than shared memes.  Real communities find cohesion through shared goals, endeavors and experiences.  Just like a location joke, sometimes you just have to be there to get it.



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Desperate Times and Desperate Measures

As many of you know, times are tough.  The economy is in a recovery that still waffles at times, and the market is flooded with overqualified candidates for a limited amount of jobs. Desperate times call for desperate measures.  It’s become time for me to access long out of use skills.

When I was a teenager, I use to work as a clown at a local amusement park. Later I started taking gigs such as company picnics and birthday parties.  Now I will combine my internet branding know-how with my previous experience to bring you Clarity the Scary Clown, available for your next hullaballoo.

For a reasonable fee, Clarity the Scary Clown will entertain at your next party by freaking out your guests with scary clown make-up, juggling babies (dolls) and inappropriate balloon animal creations. Also available for pub-crawl kick offs, a service that includes scary clown face painting for your drunken enjoyment.  Learn more about this new service here.  Refer a friend via Facebook or Twitter and receive a special deal!


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