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Can you patent simple?

Apple apple seems to think so, and at least one judge agrees.

A judge has placed an injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to protect a design patent registered by Apple.

Although Samsung maintains that the patent violation filed addresses “just one aspect of the overall design,” according to the Cheat Sheet on the Daily Beast, the fruity computer giant called the Android based  tablet a “blatant copy.”

As a user of both Android and an i-Device, I can see where Apple might have an argument. Both devices have some of the same general functions. They both primarily on Apps, both contribute to clouds, one run by Apple the other by Google. But where I find the biggest difference is how they operate. The Apple experience is far more controlled than that of the Android. And while you may get to perform fancy magic-like gestures with the iPad, it does not replace the overal general functionality of the Android OS

What is bound to be a lengthy lawsuit is sure to reveal is how much intellectual property law has evolved. Full success on the part of Apple could affect more than mobile devices. Those who enjoy the sin of double-stuff generic Oreos may be just as at risk, since Nabisco thought of it first.


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iPad vs. Computer

For the longest time I have managed to avoid i-devices.

My smart-phones are Android, and I have a trusty MacBook Pro, that has sustained me for more than 5 years. But that changed recently, when I received an iPad and a Mac Mini for my birthday from my family.

The original intent was to use the iPad as a screen for the Mac Mini. It can be done, but I haven’t quite been able to get it fully configured yet. So for the moment, and by that I mean this very moment, I am mostly sustaining on the iPad.

There are multiple reviews of the iPad out there, so I won’t bore you with my own personal opinion here. What I will comment on however is working on an verses working on a computer.

First of all, I terms of portability and battery life, I’m a big fan of the iPad. I can charge it for about an hour and it’s more or less good for the day, depending of course on exactly what I am doing. Because I split my time between the SF Bay Area and Tokyo, my. iPad is WIFI only. But small detail is easily resolved with my Smart phone that generates a hotspot.

So the iPad works well for my Internet based work and PDA (do we even still use this term?) type functions.  Then again, so does my smart phone.  But doing other types of work, such as writing, or creating invoices, thus far has proved to be more challenging.  Without peripherals such as a keyboard and mouse, this part of m y work can be challenging. Even adding a picture for this post proved to be more challenge than I decided to conquer at the moment.

The iPad is a good device, but like the mouse and the keyboard, I consider it to be part of the peripherals of my computer which is where the real work is done.




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