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Viral Facebook Riot

I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time. A teenage girl in the Netherlands put up an invitation for her 16th birthday party. But a moment of carelessness, which teenagers tend to have a lot of, allowed the invitation to go out to loddy-dotty-everybody. The invite went viral. Police estimate that approximately 30,000 Facebook users got wind of the party.

Some say that the police and media made it worse by publicizing the SNAFU, and asking people not to come. Maybe.

It’s been said that 10% of people will take up 90% of your time, and true to form about 3000 people showed up and made quite a ruckus. Windows were broken, bottles were thrown, houligans prowled the streets. It’s an anecdotal cautionary tale about privacy online and snowballs. The funny thing here, is that this mob response was entirely unintentional.

Every day people all over the world plan and strategize ways to capture the power of social media. Some people even get paid to do it. But nothing seems to beat the catalyst of happenstance, which is what makes anything that goes viral eternally fascinating.


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< learn to code > Job Market < /learn to code >

It’s been a strange couple of decades. We went from an insane job market in the late nineties, where just about anyone coming out of college was guaranteed a good paying job, to now, the early teens where many young people are wondering if it’s even worth it to go to college.

How far will an MBA get you? Does going to law school really lead to a dead end job?  And what about all those Liberal Arts /Humanities types? What are they really qualified for?

It’s no longer enough to have the 8-1/2 x 11 that says you went through the paces. You must have other skills. Computer skills are simply just a given now. We’re not asked, “Can you type?” It’s more like, “Can you use Microsoft Office?”

But it’s the other higher skills employers are really looking for.  Do you know how to use Adobe products? Can you integrate Social Media? Do you know how to code?

That last one is starting to become more and more essential. Coding is no longer left to the archetypal geeks. It’ beginning to be essential for anyone that does work online. The more languages you know, (HTML, JAVA, PHP, C++) the more valuable you become in the workplace. Hmm…maybe that time in language school was well spent.

Our friends at Mashable put up this great info-graphic on the subject with some even greater resources to pick up some of those skills.  If your wondering which direction to go in the new job market this is a good place to start. But, I feel the need to put in a disclaimer.  The info-graphic is presented by, a place where one can find a plethora of for profit schools that “will help to enhance your career or change your profession more conveniently than ever.” Hmm…

So now we must learn to code (for real). O.K. I’m game. Like most of my computer skills I will pick it up as I go along. But to stay ahead of the game, I’ll be looking for the next skill we all need to know as well. Otherwise I won’t be any better than the next gal.

Of course, as with any step we all take together to have that edge in the job market, it could be that in a few years time knowing how to code will be as ubiquitous as knowing how to do desk top publishing. It will be beneficial to the early adopters, but then just another thing that everyone knows how to do.  It’s a happy consequence of equality when climbing the computer evolutionary ladder.



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Technocrat Cult Wars

Let me start out by saying I go both ways.  I am writing this blog on an aging but oh so reliable Mac Book Pro, and I also recently started sporting an iPad. But my mobile device of choice is my Android phone. Go figure.

The Technocratic Cult Wars have begun again between Apple and Android users, with Samsung fueling the debate.

What’s most interesting here are of course the comments. Where one submitter claims that Android users have an irrational dislike for Apple, and another commenter known as Coffin Trader simply says “Love it… screw Apple and their over rated phones.”

As a user of both products I can say each has it’s merits, and I think I have the happy medium with a wi-fi only iPad and an Android that acts as a hotspot. I watch video, listen to music, browse the internet, read  email, news and magazines on the iPad, and use the Android for texts, quick look ups, GPS and of course for the phone. Pictures tend to be taken on the iPad, because the quality is pretty fricken phenomenal.

What it comes down to really, is that this is not a cult war as much as a brand war.  And Technocrats who engage in it, are not as far removed as they might think from Nascar fans who dress from head to toe in a brand to show fan loyalty.


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