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Getting Pinny with Pinterest

I recently was reading a job description that described the person they were looking for as “someone who is very pinny.” I’ll be honest. I had to look it up. I had vaguely heard of Pinterest, but it wasn’t imbedded enough in my lexicon to put those two things together. After finding the site, I quickly created an account to see what all the fuss was about.

“Oh, OK, you pin links to pictures of stuff you like onto boards, big whoop,” I thought.  So I set it aside for later examination.

Later came as I was reading a lot of post election blogs and articles. It occurred to me I could make board about what I was reading. So I went back to the site, quickly figured it out, and created my first board. Satisfied with myself, I went onto my next task.

While I worked though, I shuffled through things in my mind I could make into Pinterest boards, and decided my Today in Japan pictures would work. These are imaged captured from daily life in Japan. So I made another board.

Then something happened. The process of creating the board opened something in my mind. This platform is a great way to visualize.

I decided to make a board for my house, which I’m dying to remodel. I mentally went room by room and found pictures of designs I’d like to do when I finally get around to remaking my space. In the process I found other things, like a very clever use for beer can tabs. This led to another board for Clever Ideas.

As a nonprofit consultant, the ability to visualize is absolutely essential. In the past when doing visioning sessions with groups, I used sticky notes to organize and refine ideas. While I wouldn’t give up that method, (it has been very effective), I could see using Pinterest in a similar way.

Pinterest, if nothing else it’s a great way to organize thoughts, and mentally put things in their place. It’s a good way to clear the mind, like watching the white specks settle in a snow globe. It’s creative and fun, and even relaxing, and as it turns out, 11.7 million users agree.

Pinterest may actually be the first social media profile that’s enjoyable to create. It’s definitely, IMHO, the most exciting platform in Social Media since Facebook.



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Twitterocracy 2.0 – Best Election Tweets

I’m very happy to live the communication age. On Tuesday in the United States (my Wednesday in Japan) a co-worker and I watched anxiously from afar as the story of the 2012 Election concluded. I like that even when I’m across the world, I have the ability to keep up with the major events that are near and dear to my heart.

I kept up via TweetDeck as I scheduled a tweetcast for the company I work for.  I found the experience to be far more exciting than listening to news personalities drone on and on to fill time between result updates. It was so much more inclusive, like being in a large room where multiple conversations are happening at the same time. There was a lot or ReTweets and conversations going back and forth; some serious others just giddy.

According to ABC News by 10:01 P.M., there were over 20 million tweets about the election. And those are probably just the ones with hash tags.  CNN published some of their favorite Tweets, but none of my favorites seemed to be included. So I made a list of my own–


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Twitter is being used in a number of ways this election season. Candidates use the platform to rally supporters and reenforce messages.  Journalists and watchdogs clarify misinformation, and memes fly back and forth among supporters on either side contributing or detracting from dialogue, depending on your point of view.

I always say in the Social Media world Facebook is equivalent to the water cooler, but Twitter is word of mouth. Ever wonder how far that word of mouth goes? Twitter recently introduced an interactive Political Engagement Map to answer that question for the candidates of the Republican and Democratic Party.

The map shows which the most popular tweets from both candidates, and which states tweeted them the most. Not a bad way to revisit some of the campaigns messages before you go vote.


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