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Twitpic marked as Malware by Google Chrome

TwitPic, a Twitter picture sharing app, was recently labeled as maleware by Google Chrome. The Google block affects both users and non-users of the app alike as pictures uploaded to Twitter with the app simply yield a foreboding red screen instead. Chrome also displays a warning screen when accessing the site from it’s regular browser.

TwitPic first acknowledged the issue in a tweet around before 10 a.m. PST, and as of 4:48 p.m. PST stated that they had audited TwitPic users and removed any offending accounts.

No word yet on how long the malware blockage will continue after said audit.


At approximately 17:30 PST TwitPic posted the following:


Additional tweets suggested clearing the Google Chrome Cache if problems continue.


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Out on a Cliff with Social Media

A climber on Mount Hood was rescued recently after posting his coordinates on Facebook.  Lost in a blizzard, but well prepared, Portland climber Jeff Kish was rescued from a cliff hours later. Kish was later criticized for using valuable battery life in his phone to put updates online. Some apparently thought it a bit reckless.

On another cliff, the so-called Fiscal Cliff that politicians seem to be stuck on, Social Media was also engaged. President Obama introduced the hashtag #My2K to try and get a buzz going about his proposed tax-hikes for the top 2% of wage earners. The Twitterati supplied  many snarky parodies of the hashtag, which maybe was not exactly the kind of buzz POTUS had in mind.

I found the similarities between these stories interesting. Both involved a desire to be rescued from the brink of disaster on a cliff, both engaged in the use of Social Media in their rescue attempts, and both received criticism that perhaps they did not anticipate.

It was a good lesson in the use of Social Media. Sure, it can be employed to save your skin, but it could also invite condemnation and ridicule.


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