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Have Social Media Savvy at Trade Shows

Just beyond the New Year is another season:  Trade Show Season.

When it comes down to it, trade shows are about two things: getting your name out there and engaging people.

Sure, for attendees it’s a great chance to get some choice SWAG, but for exhibitors, it’s a chance to get precious one on one time to deliver a message about a product or service. It’s also a great chance to collect followers on your Social Media accounts.

Sound a little like business gospel? Well it kind of is.

For exhibitors, trade shows are multi detailed endeavors that involve display design, logistics of getting materials to and from the show, and the all important take-away.

While having good SWAG can attract people to your table, it’s important that they get more than stuff. The take-away for the trade show attendee is something that not only reminds them of the product, but also prompts additional research about what is being offered. Thus, web addresses are now printed on every kind of SWAG imaginable, as are Twitter IDs and Facebook URLs.

For exhibitors the take away is a list of potential leads which can be collected in a number of ways. It use to be as simple as a fishbowl for folks to drop cards  and an email sign up sheet. But now, many trade shows offer scanners for attendee credential barcodes, that result in a detailed list for exhibitors after the show.

But for those who might not have the budget to pay for that extra service, there is a DIY way to collect detailed data on potential leads. First, have good SWAG, something folks really want. Next, establish a Social Media quib pro quo to get said SWAG.

At a show I did once, my sister made desktop succulent gardens in teacups. To receive a desktop garden, what I asked for was either a follow on Twitter or a Like on Facebook. Since most people carry smart phones, this was an easy way to both collect data as well as have a way to contact potential clients. The strategy worked. Although it wasn’t a very large or even successful show, (it was poorly attended) I still got a contract out of it.

Trade shows can be fun, exhilarating and exhausting. They offer a host of opportunities, many of which are outlined in a recent article published by Small Business Hub Asia. Knowing how to make the most of the time and the resources you have available is key to making trade shows a good investment for your business.



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