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Doing it Right with Online Videos

If you are looking to accomplish something via Social Media, study this appeal:

So, did you see what what did they do that was so right? Here’s just a few things…

  1.  They used a video to introduce a difficult subject without bumming out the audience
  2. Their video didn’t stay in bum out mode, and gave the audience an opportunity to take action
  3. They told you what their goal is and introduced a brand for their goal, “No Child For Sale”
  4. They had a great call to action:  Look for these labels, and share our message

Every now and then I come across one of these where they simply just did everything right. Not only is it  a good message, but it’s also a great example of what a good Social Media Campaign should look like.

My hat is off to this producer!




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Code – The Next Required Skill

CodeI’ve written about the rise of coding as a skill in the past. The next evolutionary step of this process has begun. Two of the biggest names in the digital world, Zuckerberg and Gates, have endorsed a new initiative from to encourage 10 million new coders and programmers. Tech Crunch has a great article with comments from Ried Hoffman, cofounder of LinkedIn, about what this will mean for businesses and skilled workers. Coding will soon be ubiquitous. (I love that word, dont you love that word?) It will simply be another skill of the creative, savvy class that drives innovation. For those of us that are beyond the classroom, there are a number of self teaching tools available as well. The Tech Crunch article mentions a General Assembly tool now available, but there are a lot of options out there. Here are a few to consider: – An interactive community of learners and teachers – The Khan academy is a great place to learn just about anything. Their programs are partnered with accredited institutions and sponsored by those that want to perpetuate knowledge.

MITOPENCOURSEWARE – Want something a little more technical? Check out MITOPENCOURSEWARE for coding instruction that goes well beyond the basics.

Treehouse – Provides video how-to’s in a step by step format. It is a great place for beginners or for those who are freaked out by the whole idea of random numbers and letters that make the glowing screen do things.

Need more ideas? Mashable and Ted have plenty when it comes to learning to code. Check them out!


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