Have We Normalized Hate…Again?

There seems to be no shortage of hate these days. Through the pusher magic that is the Internet and its legal drug, social media, we get to see hate every day. It’s in the form of news bites from the Presidential race, click bate articles and the ultimate miscommunication  communicator, memes. 

  It started on message boards. I remember in the early days of the Internet coming across some real nastiness, especially in the comment sections of news articles. Trolls felt empowered by upsetting people with their vile vitriol. It’s what trolls do. 

Then when social media took off it quickly became a free for all. Maybe it’s the lack of face to face contact that allows us to think online hate is ok. Maybe that’s what made it so easy for conservative talk radio hosts to spit out ideas that are great for ratings, but not so good for a healthy society.

Cable news soon followed suit. Feeding paranoia and fear to those who would rather consume easy answers than consider hard choices and critical thought. 

And now, here we are: All hate, all the time. It’s so ubiquitous that a good portion of Americans consider it a strength. Thus we have Donald Trump as the GOP front runner. 

We don’t have to live like this. Hate and judgement do not have to be the norm. Hate is an easy way out. It’s an easy answer to hard questions we don’t want to struggle through. Judgement is similarly so. With judgement we allow ourselves to only see life through our own lenses tainted with our own disappointments and personal snares we just don’t take the time to untangle. 

I’m beginning to understand how people must have felt during the civil rights movement: Indignant about a normalized hate that was so institutionalized that to oppose it was considered unlawful. And then came the fire hoses, and the bombs, and the assassins. 

I know this is like yelling at the wind, but all this hate has to stop. No good will come of it. 


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