Methods of Purging

In my quest to simplify my life, I’ve been habitually purging the abundance of things I have. I take unwanted clothing and books to Goodwill, I get rid of stuff cluttering surfaces in my room. And recycle odd socks as dusting rags. I do all of these things in an effort to make my space easier to clean. The less I have, the less there is to make clutter.

It recently occurred to me though that purging can go beyond physical items. I need to purge in my digital life as well. In a recent email search I found over 100 unnecessary emails. Deleted them all. I also took some time to unsubscribe to recurring emails I just don’t want or read. Next, I’m more than certain, I have a more than a few “friends” on Facebook who can get the boot. And then there’s the pictures. 

unnecessaty photos in your digital device take up valuable memory space 

I recently bought a new phone. My previous one was three years old and slowly dying. I made the decision to replace it when I realized I could only have phone conversations on speaker phone and could only use the keyboard when the phone was horizontal. After some research I found a great replacement that I’m hoping will last another three years or more. 

“Would you like to transfer your pictures?” The sales person asked after I made my selection.

“Sure,” I replied. 

An hour and change later my new device was finally ready after taking on 1300 pics. Kinda ridiculous. So now on a regular basis, I’m purging photos as well. They can eat up valuable memory space and make your device run poorly.

Holding onto things I don’t need seems to weigh me down a lot more than I’d like. Letting it go is liberating and helps me move forward in life. I highly recommend it.


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