The Truth About Materialism

This blog has taken a turn over the years. And yes, I’ve been focused on living a frugal and simple life. But, a recent influx of cash has changed my tune. Money it seems really does make me a better, happier person! 

Now that I’m well, rich, and can buy everything and anything my heart desires, I see the world for what it really is: mine for the taking. It started with clothes. I put every single item I owned in the trash. No one could possibly want them, no one in their right mind that is. Then, I hit all the stores, only bought the most recent  styles and now I feel great! Why shouldn’t I? What I wear tells. The world I’m better than everyone!

Next will be my car. Because of my immense wealth I must display my happiness with my mode of transportation. Everyone will know how wonderful my life is because I ride around in a car that costs as much as a house in most states. It’s fabulous! And I can tell that people are so happy for me. This vehicle is like bringing joy to everyone.  

April Fools Day , interior of a gold plated ridiculous car I don’t know what I was thinking before I could have all these things that make me so happy. Did I really think happiness would come from a rich and fullfilling life? And who wants to spend time figuring out more ways to be frugal when I can focus on showing everyone how amazing my new life is. Yes, I had it all wrong. Materialism is wonderful. It’s granted me a life full of the best of everything, exceeding my needs and thus granting me a life of true riches. It’s changed everything, even my credo. You can learn more about how materialism is truly better than anything else here.  I’m sure you’ll agree. I had it all wrong before. 


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