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The New Norm of the Mobile Digital Age

Mobile All Up in Your JunkGoogle Now a voice activated digital assistant now available on iOS, the operating system for iPhones and iPads. Previously, the app was only available to Android users. Our friends at Mashable recently published some words describing how the Google app works at knowing your preferences and interests, all for the cost of monitoring your movements and data. Not that we aren’t monitored most of the time anyway, just ask  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

As Apple iOS and Google’s Android vai mobile media dominance, Microsoft, it seems has at least finally showed up.  Recently,  a slew of feeble new commercials aired from the software giant arguing that Bing is a better search engine than Google. Another set of commercials go after GMail, with the message that Google is essentially all up in your junk, knowing your business. The campaign gives pause, but probably not for the reason Microsoft intended.

Google and Apple seem to understand that in a future where computers mobile devices assist our day to day personal operations, that  a certain veil of privacy must be forsaken. This means somewhere in a chilled warehouse, multiple servers can probably tell you your life better than Oprah. The big question is, will  having a digital big brother knowing your business wear off as a novelty or take off as the standard for our lives in the mobile digital age?


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Crowd Sourcing a Tragedy

BostonTragedyCellPhoneAs news of Boston raced around the world, we quickly digested the seriousness of the tragedy through pictures and videos taken from every angle. We do that now, in this wirelessly wired world. And now, in the search for who, why and how, the FBI is hoping to find a breakthrough from all that media.

Mobile media devices are ubiquitous. We use them to send messages, make calls, Skype,  take pictures and video, and to tell the world, “Don’t worry, I’m OK.” This is not new. What maybe is new though, is the immediate recognition of the value of everything we capture.  As we digitally share our life and times across the world, we contribute to a new draft of history that is both raw and exponential. And when all that media is coalesced, perhaps it creates an ultimate pastiche of everything that happened. Mobile media does more than connect us, it makes everyone a part of the story.




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Facebook is Home

Zuckerberg presents Facebooks HomeWith anticipation similar to that deployed by Apple, Facebook introduced it’s new Android based (App? OS?) platform, Home. Facebook Home is an interface that puts Facebook front and center on your mobile device.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, who arrived in his trademark hoodie, (are hoodies the new turtleneck?) we spend as much as 20% of our time on Facebook. That’s 4.8 hours folks, 288 minutes, 17,280 seconds for the mathematically inclined. As many as 100 million users spend their time on Facebook with mobile devices, so Facebook it seems has decided to focus their energy on enriching the mobile experience of it’s platform.

Home makes Facebook the center of all things on your Android mobile device (phones only for now with a promise of a Tablet version in the future).  With Home installed you can casually look down at your device, and see a nice Ken Burns effect of photos in your news feed with comments, without having to open the application. To Like what you see merely takes a couple of taps on the photo. Other applications on your phones are a swipe away.

Another innovation on Home is what they call Chat Heads that allow you to both message and SMS while using other applications on your phone to keep from going back and forth. It’s not a bad innovation and definitely can make communication with friends a little less clumsy, which brings us to motive.

In his part of the presentation, Zuckerberg indicated that Facebook is trying to shift attention away from tasks and apps to content and interaction with people. It sounds good hearted and benign, sort of.  It seems that Facebook wants to be the place we reside the most online, and they’ve managed to trademark the concept with the simplicity of a name: Home. Be it ever so humble, well maybe not so humble at all in this case.

Pre event Twitter was abuzz with planted leaked information about a new mobile device made with the platform in mind.  This is not so much a new mobile device but new ways to use the ones we have with many new models to be debuted with the (OS? app? OSapp!) pre installed. The OSapp will be available for download on Android April 12th.


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