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Twitterocracy 2.0 – Best Election Tweets

I’m very happy to live the communication age. On Tuesday in the United States (my Wednesday in Japan) a co-worker and I watched anxiously from afar as the story of the 2012 Election concluded. I like that even when I’m across the world, I have the ability to keep up with the major events that are near and dear to my heart.

I kept up via TweetDeck as I scheduled a tweetcast for the company I work for.  I found the experience to be far more exciting than listening to news personalities drone on and on to fill time between result updates. It was so much more inclusive, like being in a large room where multiple conversations are happening at the same time. There was a lot or ReTweets and conversations going back and forth; some serious others just giddy.

According to ABC News by 10:01 P.M., there were over 20 million tweets about the election. And those are probably just the ones with hash tags.  CNN published some of their favorite Tweets, but none of my favorites seemed to be included. So I made a list of my own–


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Just as I suspected: Android ≥ to the iPhone (sometimes)

Although my working space is an aging MacBook Pro, I’ve never felt the need to buy an iPhone. Instead, I was an early Android adopter.  It’s what was available on my phone plan, and affordable on my budget.  Aside from the loss of my iTune play lists, I quickly found that my first generation G(oogle)-phone more than met my mobile needs.

Yesterday, it was reported that Steve Wozniak, who has said that he’s less of a showman than the ubiquitous Steve Jobs, admitted that he wished his iPhone “did all the things my Android does…”

I’m not surprised. Late last year Android more than doubled their presence in the mobile market and even overtook iDevices. They must be doing something right.

In an age where branding is akin to myth making, in both commercial and political climates, Wozniak’s remarks bring a welcome infusion of frank analysis of the mobile market.  We can at least now agree that both platforms offer a plethora of features, and both leave some to be desired.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled hype…




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The Legacy of a Cult of Personality–Steve Jobs

For many, Apple was a cult of personality, and that personality was Steve Jobs.

For years, I knew too many Apple users who were  geekier than thou about the hardware they used, the software it ran and why everything else was not only inferior but encroaching as well. I didn’t understand the mentality, and in truth it turned me off to the product for a very long time.

Over the past week, as I learned more about the life and processes of Steve Jobs, I started to understand where the posture of those Apple users came from. These users not only appreciated the evolving elegance of every product that Jobs produced, but in an exhibition of excellence in branding, they chose to identify with the product line on a very personal level, and perhaps exuded the essence of Jobs’ tenor.

I freely admit that the Mac is now my computer of choice. But, I found it interesting, after reading about this demanding, imposing, ingenious man that it was only after Jobs became somewhat kinder and gentler in his approach to perfection that I became interested with his product at all.

Business Insider published a story recently entitled, People Who Use Macs At Work Are Richer And More Productive.” A few years ago, I may have dismissed such a headline as over-righteous fodder. It very well may be, considering I haven’t seen the science behind the study yet. But I can’t help but think that the 22% of organizations that the report predicts will incorporate the Mac to their operations may do so because they believe that the tool really does make a difference for their best performers.

It could be simply that the best people tend to use the best tools. Or, it could be that Mac computers help many of us work better. Perhaps it is that Steve Jobs’ greatest legacy will be how his machines changed people, how they work and how they approach innovation. And if that is the case, I have to wonder if the cult went mainstream or did it become something else entirely?


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