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New Sweet Spot for Advertising

It seems that advertising has a new sweet spot, and it’s on Mobile Media. Tab Times reports that, “The ads that appear in iPads and digital tablets seem to be outpacing and outperforming the traditional printed versions of the ads..”

Advertising is a formula:  Appeal to the consumers inferiority wants and desires, create a message, create a corresponding visual that captures both attention and imagination and then get that message out in the medium of the day.

Up until recently that medium was print. Something tactile that you hold in your hand. I can’t deny that holding something tactile, and dare I say glossy (magazines), is very engaging for reasons that I’m sure any neuroscientists could describe in factual detail that would make a great anecdote on The Big Bang Theory.

But since the dawn of the information age, the advertising formula has been shaken and stirred. With blogs, the message becomes more of a conversation. Social Media interaction is now part of the medium, and with mobile technology the electronic medium finally fulfills that tactile piece of of the puzzle, that somehow is more engaging than a mouse and keyboard. And thus, the electronic ad is finally surpassing it’s print predecessor.

Who knew point and click would turn out to be be so inhibiting?

Tab Times takes a wait and see approach to the recent development. but I’m betting that mobile advertising is about to become the next big thing.

Special thanks to blogger Jeff Sonderman who’s blog directed me to the Tab Times article.



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