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Add Google+ to Steps for Online Branding

Up to this point, the steps to building an online brand included a website/blog, maybe a Twitter account and definitely a Facebook Page. But now it seems, that process may include one more step:  Google+ Business Profiles.

As reported by Social Media Delivered, Google’s burgeoning social media network will introduce Google+ Business Profiles, possibly before the year is out. And the best feature that Google+ could offer is the inclusion in Google’s Live Search, that finds subject updates in real time.

The question of course will be that of dominance. Will Google’s search dominance and other tools trump Facebook’s dominance as the Social Media network of choice? Perhaps. Google+ plans on including additional tools that will make Google+ Business Profiles more of a place to do business, such as Google Meeting, and Google Whiteboard that can be used for brainstorming.

But doing business is not the same a getting business, which more often than not requires that warm fuzzy feeling that Facebook is so good at providing. It could be that Google+ Business Profiles will be more of a threat to LinkedIn than to Facebook.


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The Legacy of a Cult of Personality–Steve Jobs

For many, Apple was a cult of personality, and that personality was Steve Jobs.

For years, I knew too many Apple users who were  geekier than thou about the hardware they used, the software it ran and why everything else was not only inferior but encroaching as well. I didn’t understand the mentality, and in truth it turned me off to the product for a very long time.

Over the past week, as I learned more about the life and processes of Steve Jobs, I started to understand where the posture of those Apple users came from. These users not only appreciated the evolving elegance of every product that Jobs produced, but in an exhibition of excellence in branding, they chose to identify with the product line on a very personal level, and perhaps exuded the essence of Jobs’ tenor.

I freely admit that the Mac is now my computer of choice. But, I found it interesting, after reading about this demanding, imposing, ingenious man that it was only after Jobs became somewhat kinder and gentler in his approach to perfection that I became interested with his product at all.

Business Insider published a story recently entitled, People Who Use Macs At Work Are Richer And More Productive.” A few years ago, I may have dismissed such a headline as over-righteous fodder. It very well may be, considering I haven’t seen the science behind the study yet. But I can’t help but think that the 22% of organizations that the report predicts will incorporate the Mac to their operations may do so because they believe that the tool really does make a difference for their best performers.

It could be simply that the best people tend to use the best tools. Or, it could be that Mac computers help many of us work better. Perhaps it is that Steve Jobs’ greatest legacy will be how his machines changed people, how they work and how they approach innovation. And if that is the case, I have to wonder if the cult went mainstream or did it become something else entirely?


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Connecting the dots–LinkedIn and WordPress

One of the great things about Social Media is that most platforms work and play well together. It’s just as easy for me to have all of my Tweets go to my Facebook, as it is for all of my blog posts to go to my LinkedIn profile.

Social Media Delivered published a quick read about some of the apps now available on LinkedIn.  In addition to Twitter and WordPress updates we can now also share a slide show or a portfolio.

Connecting the dots between your Social Media profiles and other online activities is what helps build an overall digital brand, which is what professional types are generally looking for when they cyber-stalk you.


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