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Variations of Equality on Facebook

Marriage EqualityIn his book Amusing Ourselves to Death, Neil Postman tells us that “the medium is the messenger.”  What he meant (IMHPO) is that information is often tainted by the way in which we receive it.  That which is delivered through devices intended for amusement, well will be considered amusement before it is considered informative.

What Postman was talking about at the time was of course the ubiquitous glowing box that cornered the information market for much of the 20th century: the television. But now we have multiple glowing devices, and within these devices submediums. There are niche news sites, micro-blogs and aggregators, and they all come together on Social Media.

Yesterday, as SCOTUS heard arguments about the right of all couples to have the right to marry, something happened on Facebook. In an act of solidarity many users, myself included, changed their profile picture to the red equality sign signifying their support of that right. It felt good to say, not only do I pay attention, but I care about this issue.

It didn’t take long though for variations of the statement to appear. I think part of the reason we like Facebook so much is because we like to laugh. So, we post things to make each other laugh. Even variations on something a majority of Americans agree to support are subject to some joshing.

Which brings me to my question. If the messenger (read: Facebook) is the medium, what is implied of any message we put out on that medium? If we dilute a message with the inevitable silliness, did we really get it at all, or is that an implication that we got it, understand it and now must have fun with it? And, if we are having fun with it, does that mean we own it?

Here are some of my favorite variations of  Support for Marriage Equality







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Have Social Media Savvy at Trade Shows

Just beyond the New Year is another season:  Trade Show Season.

When it comes down to it, trade shows are about two things: getting your name out there and engaging people.

Sure, for attendees it’s a great chance to get some choice SWAG, but for exhibitors, it’s a chance to get precious one on one time to deliver a message about a product or service. It’s also a great chance to collect followers on your Social Media accounts.

Sound a little like business gospel? Well it kind of is.

For exhibitors, trade shows are multi detailed endeavors that involve display design, logistics of getting materials to and from the show, and the all important take-away.

While having good SWAG can attract people to your table, it’s important that they get more than stuff. The take-away for the trade show attendee is something that not only reminds them of the product, but also prompts additional research about what is being offered. Thus, web addresses are now printed on every kind of SWAG imaginable, as are Twitter IDs and Facebook URLs.

For exhibitors the take away is a list of potential leads which can be collected in a number of ways. It use to be as simple as a fishbowl for folks to drop cards  and an email sign up sheet. But now, many trade shows offer scanners for attendee credential barcodes, that result in a detailed list for exhibitors after the show.

But for those who might not have the budget to pay for that extra service, there is a DIY way to collect detailed data on potential leads. First, have good SWAG, something folks really want. Next, establish a Social Media quib pro quo to get said SWAG.

At a show I did once, my sister made desktop succulent gardens in teacups. To receive a desktop garden, what I asked for was either a follow on Twitter or a Like on Facebook. Since most people carry smart phones, this was an easy way to both collect data as well as have a way to contact potential clients. The strategy worked. Although it wasn’t a very large or even successful show, (it was poorly attended) I still got a contract out of it.

Trade shows can be fun, exhilarating and exhausting. They offer a host of opportunities, many of which are outlined in a recent article published by Small Business Hub Asia. Knowing how to make the most of the time and the resources you have available is key to making trade shows a good investment for your business.



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First Things First for the Social Media Savvy in 2012

Happy New Year!

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about what the Self-Employed-Social-Media-Maven-types should do to help get the year off to a great start!

Know who your “Friends” areHey it’s a New Year. So this is a time to quit some bad habits and start some new ones. One ghttp://www.clarisaclarity.com/wp-admin/post-new.phpood habit to employ with your use of Social Media is to segregate your personal and professional life online.  How does one do that?  Pages baby! Pages.  Keep personal info about family life or non work related friends on the personal page of your Facebook Account. Create a separate page for your business. This is also a good time to go through your “Friends” list and designate who they really are. Are they work acquaintances or friends from school?  Don’t remember who some of those folks are?  Consider them potential clients. If that doesn’t seem right it’s OK to un-Friend them. They will likely never know.

Share your Goals and encourage others to contribute to them–The great thing about the New Year, is that it’s a chance to start over. So consider some reachable goals, like how many Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Tumblr followers you want to gain in the new year, or how many blog entries you want to write.  Encourage followers/clients/customers to send you their questions to answer in your blog. This not only engages your audience but will encourage them to refer others to your site.

Make a Communications Plan–Do you know how often you want to be in touch with your clients?  Do you have annual events or a new product or service to offer this year?  Knowing how and when you are going to share that information with your Social Media audience is a good way to manage your goals. Develop an effective message and let that be a guidepost for you. Make a schedule for when and how you will get your message out. It doesn’t have to all come out at once. Sometimes putting information out a little at a time, can help keep your audience engaged and help create anticipation.

Go Offline! What?  Yes, you read that right. Go offline. Social Media is most effective when followed up by real life interactions. So get out there and meet people one on one. Go to mixers or host an event of your own to show your audience how much you really appreciate them.  Social Media may get their attention, but individual contact is more likely to get their business.

A New Year offers new opportunities, new challenges and new ideas. Here’s hoping we can all make the most of it.

My very best to you all for a great 2012!





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